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Thread: Versitility: Specs and Souls

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    Default Versitility: Specs and Souls

    So one of the things Trion says about rift is versatility this isnt a complaint or anythign like that just i guess an idea/ suggestion

    Trion has said they want 51 point builds to be as viable as hybrid builds and we all know how they like to throw around that you have options when building classes so im kinda curious why no matter how you slice it all 51 point builds are the same why dont they add more talent choices/options then there are allowed points.

    what im suggesting is adding talents that allow you to either augment ur souls normal playstyle or switch it around creating differnt playstyle for you to use within the confines of your souls skills to avoid over reaching.

    I play a Rogue so ..as an example ill use Blade dancer but i think it applies to all classes not 100% sure

    now Blade dancer has reactive abilities when the dodge or parry the proc and u can use them. Now just imagine if when you got 50 points in a tree it unlocked final top tier talents. so for blade dancer i imagined something like

    Causes blade dancer reactives to proc on crit instead of dodge and parry. this would make bd a more offensive soul then defensive and also mesh great with its current 51 point root

    and for carrying on its its defensive/reactive state

    Back to Back
    The Blade dancer cast a Buff on a party member whenever that party member dodges parries or blocks an attack the Blade dancers Reactives become available.

    both basically do the same thing but in different ways and r better for different situations.

    im not sure about other classes but , maybe its the diablo 2 in me Necromancers could have one which allowed them to have 3 minions instead of one and the other makes there minion instant summon and allows them to use it as an amplifier to there skills by sacrificing it.

    that is all thx for reading

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    51 Archon gives you Burning Purpose
    51 Pyromancer give you Fulminate

    Those 2 + the traits you pick up to reach 51 (Pyromancer GoS at 44 for example) sets a 51 Pyro / 51 Archon apart from a normal one. It's just the other 6 souls 51 point abilities in the Mage calling suck, rarely making it worth going past 32-38 points.

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