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Thread: PvP vs PvE Damage

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    Post PvP vs PvE Damage

    Looking at each class PvP and PvE (instances and raid) damage I'm not sure that increasing dps output is the way to go. First for pvp most people going into warfronts only have 4000 to 5000 health and unless your getting healed, which i find happens far less than I'd like it to, that's really not all that much to work with. Right now for me the biggest complaint about warfronts is the fact that i die really easily. And unless you bring in a pocket healer I'm sure this is an issue for more than just me.

    In my opinion healing not dmg is the major imbalance in the warfronts, don't get me wrong there are dmg imbalance issues also that I'll look at in a bit. But i'm sure we can all agree that give the other team 3 good healers, in blackgarden especially and it becomes almost impossible to kill anyone. (Granted mages are exempted from this hitting for over someones health will always kill them. Yes i have been hit for over 6000 from a mage before so hear lies another issue.) But back to my point, by increasing every ones dmg those of us that cant heal just become cannon fonder and easily killed off. In my opinion abilities like healing reduction, purges, and mybe some type of healing to dmg or healing blacking abilities might actually solve this problem far more than just increasing every ones burst damage and dps.

    For PvE on the other hand as a mm rogue there is an obvious problem with dps numbers compared to mages, warriors, and even clerics. But sticking with my previous thoughts with PvP fixes i don't believe that increasing dps should be the solution.
    Each class should be looked at individual given a hey, this is about were they should be for dps output and rework there abilities to fit this criteria. Looking more at top Tir numbers here.

    -Warriors(Tank): Plate armor, Increased mitigation, 200-300dps
    -Warriors(DPS): Plate armor, 500-600dps
    (and yes i also believe warriors should get range specs, although they probably should get a armor penalty for the trade off to put them in line with rogues.)

    -Clerics(Healers): Chain armor, Healing, 200-300dps(granted they don't dps while they heal.)
    -Clerics(DPS): Chain armor, Some healing, 500-600 dps (with aoe dps being 1400-1600)

    -Rogues(DPS): Leather armor, 600-700dps, (aoe dps 1000-1200)
    -Rogues(Support): Leather armor, group buffs, aoe healing, 200-300dps

    -Mages(DPS): Cloth armor, 600-700dps, (aoe dps 1800-2000)
    -Mages(Support): Cloth armor, aoe and single target healing, 300-400 dps

    This is just to throw this idea out there. Bosses and instance mobs will most likely have to be adjusted to make these numbers work. Seeing people doing well over 1000-1200 dps, when some builds cant hardly hit 600dps is an obvious imbalance issue.

    Devs you would probably have to put a little time into this setting up maybe a 3 week long test server event with some kind of parser allowing people to test T1 gear the first week, T2, then Raid gear. Allowing them to try any specs they can think of, looking over the dps output and adjusting different abilities dmg and position up and down trees to fit your goals.

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    Armor type doesn't matter in this game. It's the overall damage reduction that should be taken into account. Mages are currently the second best PvP tanking class. First is cleric, then mage, then warrior, then rogue.
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