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Thread: Defiant Cleric's and their angle...

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    Default Defiant Cleric's and their angle...

    Hello folks,

    So, after playing the game somewhat casually since the head-start, I've rolled countless characters of all callings (multiple times mind you) bouncing in between two servers (PvE and PvP respectively) until finally landing on two final characters. The calling I selected and am adamant on pursuing the level cap with is, the Cleric. I favored the Guardian side and a dwarf at that to be my main. However, a friend of mine who I got to play this game (thinking that may have been a mistake at this point) decided he really wanted a Bahmi warrior thus driving me to uncharted territory as a defiant Cleric (Eth). While I still have my Dwarf cleric and plan on leveling that character when my friend is not online, I will be spending a great deal of my time assuming the role of an Eth Cleric and was wondering what their back story is? To be more specific; I was always under the impression that a Cleric has a belief or faith in something (most likely a god(s)). So, what angle does a defiant approach the Cleric calling?

    Just a relatively meaningless (to game play anyway) query in which was spawned out of boredom and curiosity... So forgive me!

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    The only difference between Guardian and Defiant is that the Defiants don't bow before the Vigil, there is no were said that they don't believe they exist. All the Defiants do is trust more on their science and knowledge of the machines to save Telara instead of the zealot Guardians that want their gods to do everything.

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    There was an extensive thread on this in the Lore section, one of the points that came up was that while they dont trust the gods they still believe in their existence. For the Bhami perhaps their power comes from the spirits they worship...etc. You would more get a more thorough explanation in lore section though.

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