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Thread: Soul Tree Balancing

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    Post Soul Tree Balancing

    Coming into Rift one of the first things that relay stood out was the 3 soul system. Personally I'd have to say I'm one of these players that loves trying new builds always looking for the one that fits my play style best. Theirs always the issue of pure soul vs multi and with a few of the trees you implemented passive ability's that increase ether damage or healing of ability's unique to the tree which increase per point spent in the tree. GREAT IDEA!

    I have both a rogue and a cleric at lvl 50...

    Looking at my cleric almost every soul tree has this implemented making pure soul builds for the cleric worth playing. In-fact my dmg build is a pure build.

    In contrast looking at the rogue there are very few soul trees with this implemented i get no bonus putting 51 points in any soul tree at all.

    This in my opinion should be a trade off just like the class system:

    -Warriors: Plate armor, higher mitigation, average/medium dmg

    -Clerics: Chain armor, healing, average/medium dmg

    -Rogues: Leather armor, stealth, utilities, medium/high dmg

    -Mages: Cloth armor, crowd control, high dmg

    Obviously there are soul trees in each Calling that give the player different options for example:

    -Cabalist in the Cleric Calling which in my opinion has a great setup with the increase in shadow dmg
    as you put points into the tree. Which makes you give up healing to get the full dmg capabilities
    of the tree.

    -Chloromancer in the Mage Calling which gives mages an option of healing. Although i'm not quite sure
    what they give up for it. In my opinion having healing increase per point spent in this tree, not just
    more abilities would make this more of the "trade off" dmg for the increase in healing that should
    be part of each soul.

    Don't get me wrong not going 51 points in a tree you give up some of the abilities. But were is the trade off. If your abilities don't get better the farther you go up a tree then why bother going 51 points into the tree, you would be just wasting your points. On the other hand if the abilities you get from point 1 in the tree actually got better every point you spent in the tree there would then be a reason to spend the extra points in the tree. This would fit the trade off for the souls, 51 points in a tree gives max dmg for the abilities in that tree. Less points gives you more points to get other abilities from other trees but you lose out on some of the dmg you would otherwise have from those abilities.

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    There are a few Rogue souls where investing 51 points into them is actually worthwhile. Namely Riftstalker and Bard. I understand what you mean though from a DPS perspective.

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