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Thread: Cross server class channels

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    Default Cross server class channels

    To the devs, please stickie this so the community can read and post feedback.
    To the players, what would you all think of class channels that spanned across shards. Put a level restriction on them to cut down on the RMT's. A channel for each class would be a help to quite a few who are having trouble with their class as they would have a place to turn to for questions from those who are willing to help. I've already started the channels on my shard (Belmont) and post in open channels /join Rogue, Warrior, Cleric, Mage. Some folks are using them and it's nice to be able to discuss class/skill uses easily while still in game. Those who don't want to bother or don't care could always turn the channel off just like any other channel. Looking for feedback from you all, as I personally would like to see this implemented across shards. I play two classes and eventually I will play the other two. Would be nice to be able to have somewhere to turn when I do start to play others and have questions. I'm sure there are more than a few out there with a similar mindset but the devs will need to see it in writing before anything happens I'm sure. Thanks for your time.
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    This was a nice thing about EQ, but to be completely honest, 90% of the time it was just another chat room.

    I wouldn't be opposed to cross-server channels, but I'll be just fine without them.
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