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Thread: The carefull developer

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    Default The carefull developer

    The careful developer knew that having Rite of the Ancestors up at the same time Ward of the Ancestors is up would be OP. Why? Who knows. I don't think anyone, anywhere cares except "The Gersh".

    Also, a 24-slot Spiritweave bag would disrupt all game balance! So a recipe that costs 4 plaques and the spiritweave recipe to even make, and rift materials for each bag should only have 2 more slots than a normal bag that requires nothing but regular Artisan Marks.

    But, I'll tell you what you can "just do". You can just give one class complete immunity to CC and nothing bad will happen!

    WHY did anyone think it was a good idea to have Ward of the Ancestors over-write Rite of the Ancestors? Except as some kind of sick "I got you".

    This is EXACTLY the same kind of thinking that went into making Rogues a poor DPS class. Look how he managed to GET those rogues!
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