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Thread: rogue or mage?

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    Default rogue or mage?

    i've got a 43 rogue, that i've been having some fun with, and a 17 mage that i've been having equal amounts of fun with... my question is, which one ends up being more useful in the end game content? I only pvp here and there so not too concerned with how op pyro's are and all that.

    Any feed back is welcome, and my guild has an equal number of mages and rogues as well... so just in general, which one seems to be the more useful?

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    Mages 1.0 -- Not so great
    Mages 1.1 -- Pretty awesome
    Mages 1.2 -- Taken back down a notch

    Rogues 1.0 -- Meh
    Rogues 1.1 -- Meh
    Rogues 1.2 -- Meh

    That said, I love playing my rogue. Even if I'm not the most effective player in a Warfront, I'm having fun and that's why I pay my monthly sub.

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