I've always been on the opinion that AoE crowd control abilities are the single worst invention in MMO history. They reduce fights to pointless button-mashing stupidity, as players just hammer AoE CC without rhyme or reason. It *never* adds anything to a fight, ever.

So now Trion is cutting CC's power overall. Which isn't a bad thing, really; I'm always in favor of less CC in PvP. However, is that really what's needed? Do we need LESS CC, or simply BETTER CC?

How much more strategic would it be if we simply did away with most if not all of the AoE CC in this game? And if some were to remain, allow it to stay deep in maybe 1-2 souls per Calling. I could definitely see the merit of a deep-spec'd Dominator having an AoE stun, or a deep-spec'd Bard having an AoE confusion. (Or a Warlord with an AoE Fear, and maybe a Warden or Cabalist with an AoE sleep.) If you massively cut AoE CC, you wouldn't have to worry near as much about CC-breakers. You could also leave single target CC mostly as it is. Allowing players 2-3 single target 3-5 second CC options is hardly game breaking.

Of course, it wouldn't really be "crowd" control anymore, would it? But so what? I think people would be hard-pressed to argue that ALL CC effects in MMOs are bad. And even PvE players can't argue that AoE CC is required for their PvE experience.

I know it's late to suggest this sort of thing, but I'd like to posit that the problem with CC in most games isn't that it's there or that it's too powerful, it's that it's so prevalent, and often multi-target.