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Thread: How to balance pvp to pve.

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    Default How to balance pvp to pve.

    Ok simple option is to add 2 new tree's to each class. As jereome has kinda said in a other thread.
    Add a support/healer and a PvP tree to every class that is all skills that are PvP only skills so they do less damage Vs PvE mobs but good damage vs PvP, like a group buffer to rogue and warrior and healer to mage/cleric. and a dps tree to every class.
    Then u add that with the PvP tree that is in now to buff up them 2 tree's. Would stop the nerf hammer effecting PvE tree's cos of PvP.

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    Every calling already has a PvP-centric soul. How effective they are is debatable, but still.

    I don't support adding in more of these souls. While it would make things easier to balance, it also further limits options. Even ~2 months later, I still see a fairly diverse amount of players as far as soul specs go. Adding in PvP trees that are more-or-less mandatory would harm that. Plus, a decent number of spells and abilities in the standard trees are pretty clearly designed with PvP (or strange PvE mechanics) in mind.

    Some things still feel a little out of whack as far as balanced is concerned, but, in my opinion, TRION has done a good job at addressing those issues and is continuing to do so in the next patch. I am relatively confident that this trend will continue as the game moves forward. Though, if I end up being wrong...

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