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Thread: A Plea for Ground Target AoE Abilities

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    Default A Plea for Ground Target AoE Abilities

    I'm sure I speak for everyone in this matter, but the GTAoE (Ground Target Area of Effect) spells in this game have several serious flaws:

    1) The targeting reticle is extremely difficult to see on some backgrounds, or with raid effects going off. This is especially true when out of range and youre trying to determine max range for an ability, sometimes it can be very difficult to determine that in a group of mobs/players/spell effects.

    2) Second, but probably the biggest problem: Please, for the love of all things great and wonderful, MAKE THE RETICLE QUEUE-ABLE. Make it so that it can be activated and pre-placed while on global cooldown. It can be extremely frustrating, cause loss of target, loss of DPS, and just in general extremely clunky to place aoe effects on the ground when on global. There is really absolutely no reason this shouldn't be possible. Is there something so seriously wrong for me wanting to make use of that 1.5 seconds instead of having to take an extra .5 seconds after my cast to place it? God forbid I hit it just a fraction too early and try to click it to cast it quickly and lose my target or change targets to boot.

    I don't think there will be any disagreements with these two things. The GTAoE system is extremely clunky and frustrating to use for these two reasons, but primarily #2 (especially for specs like Necro/Lock that use them in their primary rotations).

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    I would love to see that. I would probably be okay if they just let us put something like

    /cast @target GTAoE

    and have it automatically center on the targeted creature, which need not be an ally or enemy.

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