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Thread: MM/Sin/NB Port Scion WF Spec.

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    Default MM/Sin/NB Port Scion WF Spec.

    Last 2 weeks I started messing around with the MM specs for Scion and found this spec suites my style best and produces optimum favor....by not dying as much compared to the Sin or RS builds.


    Aoe mash is a beautiful thing in there while doing the 'yoyo' to stay alive....even the Strafex2 rinse is owning most of the time if my targets aren't paying attention immediately. As for perma stealth, u can take your time popping out w/ pedestal as the zergs set up for turtle mode. The NB 15+5proc% addage I also find easily compensates for not doing 51 in MM. Anyways the pros to this build out weighs to cons by far....only 3 wasted points imo in Sin tree....the crits and their proc damage is worth it from the Sin.

    I still consider the Sin 'Bleed' build my fav...but the MM is starting to grow on me. Tossing out the AOE luv from this MM/Sin/NB for small WFs and open pvp for better 1v1 tools such as bounce back or speed I am luving also for my other MM role.

    For those who hate MMs like I once did have found it to be great once I got used to the kite style. The Sin build I always found spent wasted time getting back to my target during cc breaks in turn lost dps. The MM build is easily sustains dps compared and better survivability.

    The one big beef I have with MMs is the 2-3 minute cooldowns. Most classes' dont have such long rse timers to their meat and potatoes....since I am a patient stealthy I can live with it. If I wasnt, I wouldnt be digging the MM as much. My Daoc scout years ago taught me such patience.

    MMs for pvp can use a little more luv but imo is a pretty solid primary to a hybrid.

    My 2 cents.
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    38 marks is hard to pass up for any reason.

    that 1min 24 second cool down makes the class go from sh!t to did i do that?

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    are you not using the pvp soul for some reason?

    was thinking maybe
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