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OP, you are the most biased poster ever, well most posters are biased.

Your defensive dispel has no cooldown. While you throw HoTs around, you want to also dispel every DoTs? Your HoTs are healing all DoT damages and you don't want to take any damage at all?

Plus, offensive dispel has cooldown, with all those bard buffs, HoTs, healing proc, I think it would be more fair if we can prioritize offensive dispel to target your main buffs and heals first, instead of dispelling all those trash buffs.

Think logically before you made a biased post like this. A warden is already invincible and DoTs are just pathetic to your HoTs, don't know why you even bother dispelling.
First of all, I'm not a Warden, I'm a Chloromancer, and there is no way for me to self heal through anyones DOTs because I can't Synth myself so my self healing is practically meaningless in PvP.

Secondly, spammable dispels would not cause you to take no damage at all, the reasons why pure healers can laugh at DOTs is because they can outtheal them all day long because they get to turn their full healing power onto themselves, if the same player tried to dispel the DOTs one by one they would eventually just die. So, when you're complaining about DOTs being ineffective against certain characters complain about the right thing, you're just barking up the wrong tree here, Dispels are not to blame.

Thirdly, you're just as biased, because you're defending a system in which you can render another classes ability completely 100% useless. Why even give people the ability to defensively dispel if there is always this giant stack of trash debuffs that prevents them from dispelling anything that would actually be useful to get rid of?