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Thread: Rogues V Mages

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    Default Rogues V Mages

    I'm interested in hearing some opinions,
    My questions is what's more sought after? -Rogues or mages. My experience tells me that a lot of people like a "hands off" role when it comes to MMORPGs and these two seem like they come with the least responsibility and can accomplish similar roles in PVE.
    I'd like to know your opinions on whats the most needed and what takes the least ability to play correctly. I'm interested in seeing how that compares to the population numbers.

    My vote,

    Mage -most wanted,
    Rogue -easiest play style
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    Most wanted - warrior tank, healing cleric, chloromancer specced mage

    Most played - dps warriors and rogues, and dps mages and clerics

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    completely disagree

    Most wanted tank: *good* rogue tanks
    Most wanted healer: chloro for most applications
    Most wanted dps: mage, they do it better and at range, at least until encounters are made more melee friendly yada yada

    To answer your question OP, mages are 'better' than rogues in almost all categories aside from tanking, which is a given.

    Mages and clerics are, however, heavily overpopulated in the low to mid range game as they are the fotm rerolls from the pissed off dps warriors and frustrated rogues.
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    Why .. bother.
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