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Thread: rogues/mages/warriors/clerics

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    Default rogues/mages/warriors/clerics

    So far according to the forums,

    Some justicars think cleric tanking sucks, warriors think justicars are better and warrior tanking sucks, rogues think warrior tanking is better and rogue tanking sucks and finally, all of them are apparently OP.

    Next we have Rogues, who think warriors/mages/clerics have better dps, warriors in turn think rogues/mages/clerics have better dps, mages and clerics seem ok, bar some minor tweaking but wish warriors and rogues would shutup,

    warriors,rogues,mages think cleric healing is OP in pvp, clerics think mage healing is OP in pve, rogues think they should be main healers in both pve and pvp, and pyros, storm callers, champions, and all clerics are apparently OP in pvp.

    Archons are better than bards, according to bards, and bards are better than archons according archons.

    So in short, everyone is better than everyone else, everyone is OP, No one can do anything effectively and adding TRION!!!! to your post makes it seem reasonable.

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    Default rogues/mages/warriors/clerics

    I don't understand your point to posting? Or are you just QQ-ing about QQ-ers? Just ignore chat as I do.. It's just full of QQ-ers and gold farmers anyway.

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    Being the ignorant, impressionable new n00b that I am... This thread actually cleared up a lot that I was confused about on the forums lmao. Well played, sir.

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    I like your post, but it may be confusing the way you worded it.

    Justicar: Cleric tanking sucks, our threat generation is silly and insurmountable.

    Warrior: Clerics are way better tanks, they get more health with less gear, equal amounts of armor, and can block the same as we can (though granted, not as often or as much). Tanking as a warrior makes us vulnerable to magic, we cant heal ourselves very well and pulling threat on multiple monsters is a serious chore.

    Rogue: Warriors are better tanks, we cant block like they can, and they wear plate so their armor and overall mitigation is automatically better, even though our effective HP can easily reach the 30-40 thousand range, we still take twice to three times as much damage.

    Cleric: Rogue tanking is OP.
    Warrior: Cleric tanking is OP.
    Rogue: Warrior tanking is OP.

    Rogue: Warriors, mages and clerics all have better DPS than I do.
    Warrior: Rogues, mages and clerics all have better DPS than I do.
    Mages: Im fine with my DPS, and laugh at yours.
    Clerics: Im fine with my DPS, and wish all my specs could do what mages do.

    Warrior: Clerics healing is too fast.
    Rogues: Clerics healing is too high. Why cant I heal like that?
    Mages: Clerics healing is too fast, too high, and too often.
    Clerics: Mages healing puts mine to shame.

    Warriors: Clerics and Pyros are OP in PVP.
    Clerics: Nightblades and Pyros are OP in PVP.
    Mages: Pyros are OP in PVP.
    Rogues: We suck in PVP.

    Archon: Bards buff faster and more often than us, and can heal too.
    Bard: Archons hit harder and cast the same buffs we do.

    and edit that ill add one of my own:

    Warrior: Rogue energy generation is too high. Mana users dont have to compete with downtimes like we do.
    Rogue: Warriors only need 3 attack points, Why do I need 5 points if all it does is reduces my costs to half of all warrior finishers?
    Clerics: Lol I have mana. I have to use mana potions in conjuction with health potions. Ignore that I have skills that generate mana when I do damage.
    Mages: I also have mana. That is all.
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