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Thread: Just hit 50, now what?

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    Default Just hit 50, now what?

    I'm getting owned in the warfronts because my gear is level 40's stuff. I've grinded almost half way to pvp level 2. Should I keep grinding this out, or try getting in some dungeons?

    What would you guys recommend to do for a brand new 50 to get some gear ASAP?

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    PvE gear= dungeons.

    PvP gear= warfronts.

    Yeah, it's that hard to figure out for yourself.

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    get plat... get purple craftables... some of those are a bit better than pvp gear until 1.2
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    Do a bit of both. The T1 dailies dish out 10 Plaques a pop, with the dungeons giving another 5-6 total from all bosses. Here was my first set of epics for PvP and PvE; they held me over nicely and allowed me to be relatively competitive in PvP. Here's what I had:
    • Crafted 50 Hat
    • T1 Chestpiece
    • T1 Shoulders
    • Quest pants from killing Baron Krevic (however it's spelt)
    • Prestige 2 Gloves
    • Prestige 2 Boots
    • T1/Prestige 2 rings and the Port Scion reward quest Trinket/Maelow's Trinket (for PvE and PvP, respectively)

    My belt, weapons, and necklace were all drops from various T1 instances. Alternatively, you can craft your heart out and make an entire set of Epic armor/accessories, and run T1 dungeons for the weapons. This may seem like a lot, but it realistically took me maybe 2-3 days to put together, and, to the best of my knowledge, is probably one of the, if not the, easiest ways to replace all your gear with epics as a fresh 50.
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