Just an idea, I know we all have to put our two cents in. Some ares better than others and some we think are not so great. However to have a pool of many ideas, good and bad, allows for best choices to be made. With that said here is my idea, making Alchemist from a mere secondhand profession to that of a class.

I would suggest that Alchemists would possible wield one handed weapons and need a free hand to use their class abilities, potions or concoctions. The Alchemist would possibly have some strong self buffs or group buffs. I think that Reagents and a scavenging skill would be a nice touch for this class. Perhaps the use of potions during battle could cost mana or endurance or something so that one could not spam drink healing potions or something like that. Alchemist are much more than mere potion making lab workers, they are those we spend their lives trying to understand the world. They are those who comprehend mystery and can tap into wisdom long since forgotten. I think with this mind set, there are plenty of abilities one create for the Alchemist class. There is even room for a pet if one wanted to get technical and argue more about them. Just for some examples of abilities we could use. For attacking Alchemists could use something like, Battle Potions, this could be crowd control, direct damage, area damage, whatever really. Then Enhancement could be buffs gained for the party or self only, which could do a number of things. Perhaps regeneration rates for the party or a swing speed increase for the self. For the Mysterious worldly part maybe some survival skills and such. I would imagine the Alchemist wearing leather and maybe depending how development went could be DPS or Support/Healer class. I do not want to go too far indepth but would love some feed back!