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Thread: Elementalists - Possibilities...

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    Default Elementalists - Possibilities...

    After reading over the limited description of the Elementalists Class it seems they are a mixture of EQ1's Mage Class and WOW's Warlock Class. Now that in itself is a little exciting since both classes were fun to play but I'm hoping they take it further by making the class more intertwined with the elements. I was hoping for a little more on the Avatar (the last air-bender) kind of abilities where the class can also control the elements (Water, Rock, Fire, Wind) on a larger scale such as creating tornadoes to blow-away mobs, or control water to create raging floods, or control the weather to call down lightning to electrify anyone they choose or to split the ground in half to swallow up the mobs (cc options)

    I'm just hoping that this class offers more than just a simple rehash over an existing model thats been played to death. If the dev's can add just a little bit more control of the elements on a grander scale other than creating pets from the elements then I think this will be a very exciting class to play.

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    Its already been said as en elementalist its suppose to be a pet class.There is pictures shown that I am just to lazy to go find them right at the minute but there official.The talk has been they do plan on adding a necromancer type class or have ''thought'' but thats been on forums and heard little so not exactly confirmed.I do like the ideas you pointed out!

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