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Thread: My change to GoS

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    Default My change to GoS

    I've seen alot of people complain about this skill, and have seen as a Mage how it can be very powerful, on me and my target. I thought of a fun fix that might satisfy people.

    Keep GoS at -30% inc damage. Change it though that when you get hit with an ability 10% of the incoming hit is drained from your power and you have to have a minimum of 10% power to keep GoS up.

    This would provide those attacking someone in GoS a means to burn GoS down. As for mages using GoS time to use mana management and you still get to keep the full strength of GoS IF you can keep your power up through your dps.

    I've played games where casters with 1 shot skills get ridiculous defensive abilities and no one complained because of 3 things. 1. They were temporary 15-20 second duration 2. They were dispellable 3. The caster had to trade firepower to get these buffs.

    Just food for thought.
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    Nah. Pyros don't use GoS to "tank" in pvp. If one person gets on them, they can detaunt and stand there while taking a beating, but if more than one comes at them they get rolled if they don't have some really fantastic healing backing them up. GoS is used soley to let the pyro stand and cast. If they removed the stuns, the DR, and the damage nerf and left the CC immunity, pyros would still find it useful. If they remove the CC immunity, it will be immediately abandoned and pyros will start trying to spec elementalist/archmage for massive cinderburst damage.
    Red ball + fulminate + really craptacular dom/pyro spec trying to hard cast transmog and pray your spell lands before some squirrel punching moron eats your controlled opp proc = +1 board warrior keeping mages from being realistically balanced in PVE or PVP. 1.0-1.2's best combo in the game. RIP FOTM Pyro rollers

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