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Thread: A balance between PvP soul and "normal" souls

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    Default A balance between PvP soul and "normal" souls

    I have only played a rogue, so this is rogue POV, but perhaps this is something you have noticed as well?

    An example: Assassination scales well with Bladedancer, many of the abilities they put together complete the two souls (such as BD flash of steel for mobility and weapon barrage for silence, something Assa doesn't have, vica versa). However, to be able to get these later talents you need to invest some points. Should you run this soul combo you should aim for either 21 in BD for flash of steel and weapon barrage (or 26 for Disarm) with at least 32 in Assassination for the Impale bleed (seeing as talents in Assa favours bleeds). This was just an example of how two souls that fits together need enough points spent in them in order to make them competetive.

    But what about the PvP soul? After spending so many needy points in these "normal" souls, there is very little points left to get the 2nd (10 points) or 3rd (15 points) abilities. Should you decide to get these talents or continue further in the PvP tree, you will have little points left to complete your other souls, getting you nowhere. Adding more talent points is problably not the answer, but maybe switch some talents around? Obviously one can't ask for to many abilities due to balancing, but I'm just simply putting it down here for players to think of, as sometimes whatever you do you'll find yourself missing that 1 ability you really need
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