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Thread: Nerf this, Nerft that

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    While it is necessary to nerf a particular soul or soul combination when it is too overly powerful, I believe developers shouldnt just go changing a class and certainly not how it works just because players QQ on forum.

    I think everyone will agree when they first play RIFT they get the sense that their build is the best build ever by having big numbers on their screen(especially if you came from WoW). Having 8 souls per class was what made RIFT unique and fun to play. However, when people get beaten in warfronts and in DPS parsers they begin to consider otherwise. "HAX!" is often what comes first to mind.

    RIFT did not give you 4 souls for no reason. The developers are encouraging you to try alternative builds and create counters to particular class that you found a challenge to defeat. As a warrior, for pvp I have builds for killing casters, melee dps and AOE CC. I choose my souls depending on composition of the opposition and choose my targets accordingly. It makes a difference although it does not always guarantee a win. THAT, is the beauty of RIFT(PVP wise).

    There are no such thing as "1 build kills all" and if there is one, the nerfs are already in upcoming patchnote.
    This is something players from other MMO(particularly WoW) need to understand. They need to get out of the mindset that if you wanna pvp you gotta do this build *period*. You need to lose this kind of thinking.

    I am not here because all the QQ have practically destroyed my favourite warrior soul. I just want people to know that if you can't get a kill in warfront, maybe try having different builds in your arsenal before yelling "ZOMG! HAX0r!".

    Last but not the least, a balanced game is a boring game. The developers understands that and is trying to keep the game as dynamic as possible. Rather than letting them worry about how to balance thousands of soul combination matchups, maybe you can put your thinking hat on and work out how you can overcome your opponents.

    It's good developers are listening to players but if a game is totally based off what the players think this game should be, it will be just another MMO under the shadows of Azeroth.

    --supporter or RIFT since BETA--

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    You'll never have a balanced game that does both PvE and PvP, personally I wish they'd go back to the EQ style of pve/pvp servers, being able to play with the defiant would double our population for PvE. Alternatively, PvP servers could do whatever those people do.

    to summarize, what's this to do with the classes? ;)

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    In alpha Trion based changes on tester feedback like every game out there does.

    In Beta Trion based changes on even more tester feedback like every game out there does.

    In release Trion has tens of thousands of players for feed back now testing every conceivable element of the game simply due to numbers and you want Trion to completely ignore player feedback now?

    How very, very strange.

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    I don't get why people demand for pvp balance in rift, i personally NEVER see it happening.

    With the amount and type of souls available to each class it makes it impossible to balance all classes. The only way to get close to a type of balance would be to make almost everything in the soul trees filler until you got to 40+ points invested. Personally I do not want that to happen, being able to perform well while invested across 2 or even 3 tree is something that I love about this game.

    SOO why don't you just play what you want. Trust me, as PvE buffs and nerfs come out it will drastically change pvp. It was warriors before, now it is mages, hell next month it could be rogues. Instead of complaining just because you got 1 shot in a couple of warfront why don't you smile and accept the fact you are playing a PvE game that has some PvP, not the other way around.

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