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Thread: what exactly...

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    Default what exactly...

    ...is the problem in raising/lowering the basic damage of all souls in testing environment until they r at somehow the same level, then look over how crits will work critspikes will work and do the same til the amount isnt too high. then do some math and generate tables with low gear mediumgear and endgear and rework them again if necessary? then do the same with all soulcombinations available?
    (yes it seems a bazillion tons of testings to do, but seriously, its not like that developers get poor to ensure quality products)

    i really want to know if this is a usual routine in testing phases and if its not working in live-environment then how its analysed y its not working.

    i still canīt believe that theres maybe no workaround in mmos but just smashing some numbers and goodies on the table and sort it afterwards or smashing a new round of sweeties on the table (aka circular production of fotms balancing) after reality hits the product.
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    nope. was it.

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    I wish I had the answer to this.

    Theorycrafters are able to crunch the numbers in minutes, and come up with fantastic ideas on how to actually make everyone balanced (i.e., the SAME DPS) but for some reason it's never heeded. Having alpha/PTR builds and boards available means that these sorts of DPS disparities shouldn't ever make it to live but they still do.

    I'm sincerely hoping Trion is aiming for true parity among callings and not the ridiculous rollercoaster of nerfs and buffs that was so prevalent in WoW.

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