For those of you who are subscribed to the newsletters, what do you think of the general information for the Paladin class? Although the information is sparse, the class seems to mimic the standard Paladin we all know. The backstory and lore are quite interesting though. Hopefully they add some flair to the class to make ti bit more interesting. Here's an excerpt for those that have yet to subscribe.

Righteous defenders of the weak, Paladins use heavy shields and divine blessings to stand as a bulwark against their foes. The Paladinís large shield not only offers protection, but affords many opportunities to launch devastating counters in close combat.
On another note, I am not too impressed with the character model for the class. The armor set they have chosen to represent the class is horrible from the waist down. While the rest of the armor is golden and somewhat bulky, the leg plates look like they are made of iron and are far too thin in comparison to the rest of the armor. This makes the character look like they are not wearing any pants and gives the a "chicken leg" effect. I hope the artist redesign this armor and any like it, as it does look very appealing.