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Thread: General Questions about RIFT

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    Default General Questions about RIFT

    First post, and new to the game (it's currently downloading -- and hello!)

    I'm looking over the different types of classes (soo many!), attempting to figure out how I'm going to start the game off.

    I assume this game is like most other MMOs where tanks and healers are needed more than the basic damage-dealing classes? If it's not correct, please let me know which classes are most desirable.

    Once you choose sub-classes, are you able to switch from the three originals to any combination you'd like, or are there limits/you can only choose once?

    If there are any helpful things, such as X class is broken and devs aren't even looking at it, please let me know!

    Thank you

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    Yup, healers and tanks are needed most, but good news, every class can be at least one of those. Choose a class you want to play.

    You will unlock all the souls (sub-classes) starting at around level 13. You can also buy 4 roles (multi-spec) and switch between those out of combat.

    Respeccing is cheap as hell. Buying ranks of skills is not. Experiment with everything is my motto.

    Warriors - Tanks/dps
    Clerics - Tanks/DPS/Healers
    Rogues - Tanks/DPS/Support
    Mages - DPS/Healer/Support
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    there are 3 ways to play this game.

    get all the mobs on you.

    kill all the mobs.

    heal people.

    there are like 20 million spells but they all boil down to these 3 ways of playing.

    prove me wrong people. ill defend before you try.

    bards you say? theyre healers. yup. they buff ppl. which makes them stronger. which makes the healer not have to heal so much. oh theyre also dps people. they buff ppl which makes them hit harder. they debuff mobs which makes ppl hitting them do...ta da...more dps. plus bards have a few dps spells themselves. and knives!

    dominators? what a joke! seriously trion? there hasn't been a decent crowd controlling class since city of heroes or eq2 - and even those have been so influenced by the wow philosophy of mmos that while they CAN crowd control, its NOT NEEDED.

    i heard there was some cc in aion. but i dont think its needed.

    ok so yeh you could play a dominator. root ppl in place. silence them. turn them into a squirrel so they cant hurt anyone. but these spells are few and far between and they have long timers on them so youre not casting them all the time. and, AND, here's the thing THEYRE NOT NEEDED.

    the holy trinity is all that is needed. tanks do the crowd control. EVERYONE ON MY MEAT SHIELD. all the classes do the most dps they possibly can. MASH BUTTONS. and the healers keep everyone alive. the only challenge really is not spamming dps or heals so much that you get mobs on YOU. after that the "challenge" is meh. its more about how you look or how much more dps you tweak out or damage you can take or what order gives you the most dps. bla bla bla.

    ok theres rift and a zillion other wow philosophy mmo for the masses clones in a nut shell for you. hope this was helpful.

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