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Thread: Where is the PVE tweaks and balancing?

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    Default Where is the PVE tweaks and balancing?

    I am an avid artifact gatherer anoed I never intend to PVP not even once. I have played up to level 50 as a cloth wearing mage and I tell you they are not OP in PVE... not in the least bit.

    Where in all of the concerns about OP in PVP is your concern for PVE?

    This kind of focus on PVP Is exactly why PVE people and those who do PVP end up at odds because you end up pitting them against each other with the obvious choice that PVP balance overrides the other.

    PVP has won again it seems and while we travel down the path to utter homogenization I hope that all of you realize sooner or later your favorite cool skill or ability is going to be stomped because someone else is not happy with how powerful it is.

    Whats going on here is nothing new and the only real way for balance to occur is to add to other classes. Instead the approach again is to take away take more away and then take more away... An endless spiral of limitation that ends in just another class being OP and needing to be stomped out.

    add some content and quests and spells and skills and diversity rather than smash stomp take way and remove...

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    did you really miss all the pve tweaks ? really ? try reading over everything again pls.
    "Guts were meant to be gutted."
    —The Assassin's Creed, Chapter 3

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