I have been playing MMO's since the Early 80's starting with Never Winter Nights on AoL then UO, EQ, AC, DAOC etc etc etc....

To this day I cannot understand how developers do not look at what made games of past fail hard and not research what was the cause and something to counter it in there game when these companies spend millions of dollars developing their game.

How on earth could you launch a game with such a rediculous ammount of Crow Control abilities in it with such a horrid system of deminishing returns.

No game is fun to play when you cant play because you dont have control of your character. And it isnt that my class.. Mage doesnt have the same ability to dish out CC as others actually it probrobly has more CC than other class's..

The ability to Tranmorgify then Silence then Stun and repeat them in such short time spans is beyond stupid. Unless you make drastic change's I foresee a very short future for this game. Something like one CC of ANY KIND every 30 seconds would be more than accecptable IMO because in its current state the game is broke.

Honestly I have no faith in todays developers so I dont expect you all to wake up and fix your game. I dont even see how you will be able to balance the rediculous ammount of souls you have for all of the class's for pvp either.

Im sure it will be just like other games of late... you wont do the right thing until its to late and your game is dead and everyone has moved on.