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    Tanking isn't about being hardcore, it is just about practice like any other role.

    A lot of the things you list aren't really Tank jobs, just jobs the community seems to impart upon us more often than not due to the group structure. I've had plenty of leaders that have dictated strategy and adapted quickly to situations (as well as had multiple specs and gearsets for the job) that filled the DPS or the Healer role.

    Everyone in the group is responsible for knowing an encounter, roughly speaking. New people not so much but just because you're the Tank doesn't mean you are suddenly "The Guy" to tell everyone. Now if someone else says something silly and you can correct that, sure do that, but anyone in any role can do that.

    The highest "responsibility" aspect of Tanking is that you control the pace of the instance. You pull the mobs, you hold them, you essentially decide how long it takes between pulls and where they go and everything of the sort. A bad Tank can make a group go sour faster than a bad Healer, although they can make it go bad nearly as quick. DPS are the least responsible for two reasons: one there are three of them and two, the Tank and Healer are both technically capable of DPSing while doing their jobs so theoretically you could down the encounter with just Tank/Healer. Forgoing the Tank or Healer though typically does not end well.

    So in my opinion, no a Tank is not a hardcore position for non-casual players. It is a style of play that certainly does not appeal to everyone, same as with Healing and DPS, but that doesn't make it hardcore.

    I would rather Tank any day of the week than DPS, hands down. I have way too much fun doing so.

    Oh and I'm not in a guild either, I do only PuGs, so I guess you could call me kinda casual too.

    EDIT: Aww I liked this post.

    He asked what other people thought about Tanking and whether or not it was casual friendly or really only meant for more hardcore players.
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