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Thread: Looking for the best DPS / Healer

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    Default Looking for the best DPS / Healer


    I've been looking around the forums now and each class has mixed opinions.

    I'm looking for a class with good DPS but also the chance of healing.

    I currently have a Shaman / Druid / Justicer but the DPS doesn't seem there and it takes quite a long time to kill an enemy the same level or 1 or 2 levels above, If they are lower I can kill them quickly but I don't want to be stuck in the low level areas.

    Any help / tips would be appreciated


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    I would recommend a Warlock/Chloromancer/Elementalist. Absolutely nasty combo. I'm level 32, so I haven't unlocked the full potential of this build, but I also play a Pyromancer and find this build to be more powerful at this level.

    -Life leech puts a DOT on the mob, and returns a percentage to you in heals.
    -The Chloro's Vines DOT heals you, your pet, and every friendly player in range of the mob.
    -The Lifegiving Veil is a turn on and forget buff that returns a percentage of damage to everyone around the mob.
    -The Bloom is an instant heal you can use on the run.
    - Warlock armor spell returns damage everytime you are hit, and heals you as well.
    - The Spores allow you and teammates to heal for the amount of total damage that is caused.
    - There is a spell that raises your total HP for awhile, and then leaves you at about 100% hp when it expires.
    - There are two spells that upgrade your damage by 20% if used in tandem.
    - There is a nuke that causes a 2 second stun.
    - Pet to act like an additional DOT, and hold aggro of add-on mobs.

    The Lock has several other DOts, and two nasty AOE spells, one which returns 100% of the damage back to you. Another AOE makes your DOTs become AOE. There's a Fear and a Hamstring-tpye spell for CC. A 15 second oh-crap spell that reduces all damage by 80%.

    There is never downtime since if you have charge after killing mobs, you can turn HP into Mana, and then do the spell that consumes charge and heals you up to 100%.

    Keep in mind every hit is healing you. I throw in the Elementalist as the 3rd class, since it only takes a few points to get a 10% overall damage reduction.

    I can kill absolutely anything with ease, and my HP usually never dips below 80%. Group, elites, anything. I am almost always top-3 in PVP Damage, while also passively healing my teammates and myself whenever I cause damage. I solo Rifts at my level and above, and easily solo the boss-guys that walk around the map.

    Hope this helps give you some ideas. I love playing this build.

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    Default Or instead of being a mage....

    ...keep your cleric.

    When I was leveling as a druid/sham/sent, I wiped the floor with the npcs that were 2 levels above me. 3 levels was annoying but that is for any class. I was still able to kill them though. I mainspeced druid, especially for the satyr, hes nice, but for survivability the fairy is awesome.
    Soooo Most into druid, a few into sham, sent just for the instacast heal that does quite a bit.
    2 weapon buffs, craig hammer and the sham ice one(dont remember the name) adds around 30 dmg per ability. Druid gives plenty of skills to use so your dps doesnt drop, you get some reactions from shaman, and just use the sent heal when you can.

    Now for the build that you should use, if you are high enough level.

    I run two different versions, one is pvp, one is aoe farm. The one linked here is the aoe farm.
    Just use vex to pull the enemies, vex will heal you from the talent Contempt and from the Justicar heals. When you pull all you want, pop Fanaticism, then Soul Drain. At level 50, crits for 700. Sooo if you pull 4 guys, each guy gets hit for 700x3 or 2100 instantly. Then use your purifier shield and use Circle of Oblivion. Should wipe out most of them. You get a free 7% increased dmg from Soul Drain talent, and another 15% dmg from critting with soul drain. So your CoO is doing an extra 22% dmg. Should kill them all, if not, use CoO one more time, GG.

    Note:When you stop and use Soul Drain, it should heal you for 1/4 to 1/2 your hp. Very useful.

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