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Thread: The Gray Area of Balance

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    Default The Gray Area of Balance

    It is 100% impossible to truly balance a game like this. Every MMO has imbalanced pvp, it's just a matter of degrees. The point I wish to express to people is as follows:

    Consider a battle between two people of different classes. Consider the players to be of equivalent "skill" (lol) level. These classes both have different skills associated with them. By virtue of this fact, the outcome of the battle (given no other variables like lag or what not) is already decided. It's pure math.

    It is important to recognize this as it is fundamental to the way these games work. You can not possibly expect a completely balanced game unless you give everyone the exact same statistics and skills to use, at which point the outcome is entirely determined by individual/team play.

    In addition, I see a lot of complaining in warfronts where an individual insults his teammates with broad statements like "Learn how to PVP" or "you suck at PVP," etc. The interesting thing to me is how often these comments sit alone in an otherwise empty void of warfront chat. The reason I find this interesting is that team based PVP requires continual communication and organization. You lose because you don't strategize. You lose because you don't communicate as a team. And you will always, regardless of strategy and communication, have to deal with the Gray Area of Balance.

    Quick example: The Codex

    People play the Codex map and say "Take Codex +1" but that's not always the optimal strat, you have to adjust to the other team. Sometimes it's better to send a 3 man backcap group. Sometimes waiting for the other team to move is the best option. Sometimes...sometimes...sometimes, etc.

    Think about how professional sports teams work. They don't just go out there and play, they have a plan. Very often they change that plan. They are in constant communication so that everyone is on the same page and even in areas where there is no communication each player has a predefined set of tasks they are responsible for. Think about that. Seriously. I'm trying to help all of you.

    Games like this require math, communication, and strategy. The people who do the best communicate, plan, and optimize efficiency. Those who don't tend to spend a lot of time crying, which is ironic given that you get out what you put in. It's important to recognize that because it's very similar to the way life works. And judging by these boards, some of you are complete failures.

    I hope you all have a good day and I look forward to the troll responses.

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    I like to think of balance as a conversation between developer intent and player ingenuity. At its worst when either side shuts down completely. At its best when both sides are vocal and rational.
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