Skill Ideas (mostly Rogue)
It would be nice...

why the DR on slows?

Add combat points (CP) in addition to HP. CP would only be consumed during PVP combat (think Lineage 2). CP is relative to HP the more HP u have the more CP u have. CP being basically another HP pool, but only reduced during PVP combat.
  • The cast time poison was moved to NB at 32pts and the heal debuff poison was moved to inf at 5 pts.
  • Disarm acted like a all around "silence" for all physical and magical skills for 3 seconds and was moved to inf
  • Dawn to Dusk (dusk to dawn? w/e) can be used while moving like strafe (with or without the root.)
  • attunement gave no dmg increase and 10/20/30% resists
  • Should be 3 DR. 5 sec /3 sec/ 1 sec/ immune (not rogue specific but would be cool)
  • leeching poison should do no dmg and drain mana/energy/focus (w/e) and convert to energy
  • bard motifs should be combined into 3: hot/+%heal, crit%/attk and sp, 5%dmg reduc and be 1 min
  • stalker phase should be constant +15% dmg/threat reduction instead of only after shifting
  • slip away removes all debuffs/dots
  • verse of joy also reduces GCD by .5 seconds
  • Give GoS charges. ie 20(?) "charges" that are consumed while being attacked giving cc immunity and dmg reduction, with a longer reuse cooldown
  • Bulls Eye should give 100% crit for 8 seconds.
  • combine hasted/rapid fire and change it to 20% increase down from 30%

my ideas.. add or debate. THAAAAANKS