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Thread: Please help a complete noob understand the classes

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    Default Please help a complete noob understand the classes

    Hi all,

    I wanted to play a ranged class, that does not need to drink after each fight, and can survive.

    so i rolled a ranger/marksman rogue, but i dont enjoy it, i feel it lacks a punch or any kind of utility...

    so i want to re-roll, but due to the fact that i have only like 5h a week to play, i dont want to roll again a class which i dont like, so i want to gain some information from random objective people about the cleric/mage classes.

    I know that clerics have alot of melee specs, but how is their caster spec? is it viable? can you level up while being a caster without going oom after 3-4 pulls?

    How is the mage for leveling? do they go oom? clerics can heal themselves if the mob gets close and attack them or if they pulled too many mobs, how does mages deal with it? do they have a tanking pet?

    Thanks for your opinions!

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    Im playing necro/wlock/archon mage and i never go oom becouse i have ability to gain some of my mana by hurting my pet. altest on this lvl what i am 18 atm have been lvl last 2 lvls whit necro and i love it.

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    I can't speak to the question of the Cleric.

    However, I am a necro/warlock mage, and I never run out of mana (after 8 points in warlock I think, something like that). I forget at what level in necro you get soul purge (21?), but after that you can (literally) chew through 1 single mob after another non-stop with this spec, or AOE several and take a few moments to recharge and find the next batch.

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    Chloromancer is a fantastic class if you want to emerge from every conflict at full health. Tie in some Necro to sap mana from your pet and you're good to go. Or warlock to sap health to mana if you'd rather not have a pet. On top of that they do respectable damage and are possibly the best healers in the game. You will have a very fun time in instances.

    Paladins are beasts of tanks, and with some patience will also start emerging with full health every fight (the talent where you heal as you block, and you block pretty much every shot). Tie to this Reaver and you have an AoE healfest machine. Also the option to forgo all survivability and pick up Paragon/Champion and completely decimate whatever is in front of you.

    Clerics are excellent if you want a class that does it all. Get tired of melee? Drop shaman and get inquisitor. Wanna heal? Warden. Want to melee? Druid or shaman. Tank? Justicar. Everything you want is there.

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    Mages are most definately better at getting mana back than clerics are. But you can do this with a cleric if you manage your mana wisely.

    Inquisitor should probably be your main soul, and at 11 points you can get aggressive renewal, which gives you back a significant amount of mana.

    Overall though, I find my mage more enjoyable to play, but my cleric is only lvl 26, where my mage is 50.
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