Just thought I would throw some suggestions out there.

Why not take away stuns from all classes except rogues, give warriors a root, give warriors interrupts on short cooldowns perhaps 15 seconds and no silences. Remove stuns from clerics and mages and give hold spells instead.

In doing this, this would make rogues more unique purely because they are the only ones who can stun, which to be honest is how it should be.

This will also in my opinion make a huge impact on balance factors.

I mean, why do warriors even need stun, a hold, sure, but not a stun.. Hold plus stat loss for a few seconds is far more suitable and warrior sounding..

I think rogues would be happier if they knew they were the only class who could stun to make up for their lower dps.

Anyways, throw some more ideas out there and hopefully the dev's are listening.