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Thread: PvP Soulless

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    Default PvP Soulless

    I'm working my way to 50 on a PVP server and have tried various builds and often wondered if at 50 is it almost required to run a PVP soul or do other find success running 3 normal souls. When i try new builds i find it hard to remove one of the souls that works well in the lower lvls. I normal play a Mage and a Rogue. i know it says PvP soul but just wonder if anyone else did well NOT using it?

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    All of the threads here on the first page exclaiming that "Insert Calling Here" is nigh indestructible includes an investment into the PvP Soul. It's not necessary in 1v1, but the more people that want to beat on you, the better something like -15% chance to be crit goes towards helping your healer(s) keep you alive.
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    Short answer - no, play the way you want.

    Long answer - (above) + but you'll more effective (for yourself and for your team) if you include some portion of the PvP soul trees.
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