First of all, this is not a QQ thread. I know, that saying became a great cliche, but it is what it is.

However, I am frustrated about what Trion has been advertising since the Beta and the release, and what they actually came up with.

When Trion was advertising numerous unique soul combinations before the release, I was cautious. Everyone knew that those combinations wouldn't be perfectly balanced. And the fact is that, perfect balance is an impossible goal to reach.

However, that is not a reason for only having 1-2 viable builds for each and every archetype. Let's say that you are playing a rogue.. How many different viable ranged DPS combinations you have? 2? 3? How many of them go deep in the Sab tree? What happens if I decide to go 51 deep in Sab? Yeah, **** happens.

So basically, what we have is about 4-5 viable soul combinations (not builds, you may have different builds with the same soul combination). How many total combinations are there? 336. And that does not include the PVP soul. Did I expect every one of those combinations to be viable? No. Did I expect about 50 of them to be viable? Very much so.

All of those gibberish comes to this: Trion went with the "We are not in Azeroth anymore" slogan. However, they failed to leave Azeroth. And frankly, that was not what I hoped for.