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Thread: Abilities deep in a Soul Tree need to be UN-NERFED

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    Default Abilities deep in a Soul Tree need to be UN-NERFED

    First of all, I hope that Trion is not falling for the trap of ruining the original design of the classe's roles just for PvP balance. The core of the game is PvE content. I keep reading about nerfs to soul-defining abilities and they seem to be rooted from some kind of PvP complaint.

    It is becoming evident that most successful soul builds out there are mostly hybrid builds because there is no obvious benefit to maxing out any particular soul.

    I would really like to see Trion reconsider reworking the deepest part of the Soul Tree abilities to make those abilities more attractive to the community.

    A person who maxes out one particular soul should be able to be as competitive as another player who chooses to split up the points evenly among soul trees.

    I would think the general logic should be, a particular soul is designed for one specific "combat role" in mind. (examples of soul combat roles would be Offensive: DD, AOE, DD DoT or AOE DoT; Support: CC, group def buffs, group attack buffs, mob debuffs; Tank: Single target tank, AOE tank, Physical dmg resist tank, Magic Resist tank: etc. you get the idea) Therefore, if someone maxes out that soul they should excel over any other builds IN THAT PARTICULAR "COMBAT ROLE", where they would be less effective in other combat roles since they don't have enough points in the auxiliary souls.
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