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Thread: An Idea for CC in PvE

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    Default An Idea for CC in PvE

    As everyone knows already, there is annoyingly few uses for CC in a PvE context, because the AoE classes wreck basic mobs already and Bosses are immune to almost all CC abilities. On the other hand, allowing us to cripple Bosses with our CC would be ridiculous too. I'd like to get opinions on how this idea could work.

    Bosses resist almost all forms of PvE, but instead of being impacted by the actual effect of the CC, they instead receive a stacking debuff that could go by something like "Distracted" which would increase all incoming damage by 1 or 2% (max 10 stacks). The dubuff could last as long as the CC would last otherwise, or just 8 or so seconds. This would signify that the boss easily shakes off the puny adventurer's CC, but changes his focus just slightly enough so as to allow a few more punches past his guard. This could add a possible use for CC heavy classes in a Dungeon setting. In addition the bosses could have programmed DR towards same type CC's so in order to maintain the stacks they would have to vary the CC type they would use on the boss (after all, after shaking off a stun the first time, the next 2 times are easy).

    Does anyone feel that this would harm the game too much to implement?
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    I think your idea is headed in the right direction. Something that would be really nice would be if certain CC effects (particularly Dominator CC effects) had different effects on CC immune targets. I'm thinking something along the lines of how Deep Freeze for Frost Mage's works in Warcraft. If the target is vulnerable to stuns, it stuns them for 5 seconds. If the target is immune to stuns, it deals a big chunk of damage. So on trash and players, it's a great CC. On bosses, it's a solid damage dealer.

    Now, buffs and debuffs are a lot more important and rare in Rift, so I think instead of giving these CCs damage effects on immune targets, they could just place debuffs. A new set of debuffs could be attached to the various CCs, with Dominators bringing the largest selection of them. That would solidify Dominators position as a Support class in PvE, while making them more useful.

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