Currently, we have to spend x amount of points to unlock abilities, regardless of what the points are spent in. This has most of us wasting points in talents that have no effect on our playstyle just so we can unlock a certain ability somewhere in the root path.

What if the root abilities were unlocked based on the talents you spent points in? We are mixing PvE/PvP/DpS/Tanking/Utility talents together just to get an ability that is mainly used for one of those categories and finding half of our points are going to waste.

Would you find yourself spending points into souls that your normally don't if you could bypass having to waste points on talents that are useless to you in order to get root abilities that you would use?

Of course people will say "wtf then everyone would have 51 pt abilities after only spending 20 points in the tree"...well of course that is a concern and Trion would have to spend time reevaluating the trees/abilities if something like this ever happened..but that isn't the point of this thread.