Can someone please tell me what ability / combination of abilities do the most burst AOE DPS over 4-6 seconds?

Do not care about Sab Shrapnel Charge, as its backloaded and not useful for my purposes.

Cooldowns longer then 60s are not wanted either. Physical dmg < Magical damage. Channeled spells are fine as long as casted+instant < channeled dps in the same time frame.

I need the info from each calling.

Basically I need to be able to burn 2000-3000 health from at least 5 targets in 4-6 seconds, every 60 seconds, I just need to know what spec from each calling is need to accomplish this assuming I have decent gear.

For example, I know 51 NB, Living Flame + Weapon Flare can do this easy.

Feel free to include DPS boosting cooldowns in the combo as long as they are less then 60s cooldown.