I am just going to go down basic classes and explain how I feel the classes are currently laid out.

Warrior - Too much damage in comparison to their armor. They should have to rely more on survivability in a fight more than their huge dps. I also feel as though that from a pvp perspective, the amount of cc a warrior has in a fight is way too much. With their dps where it is at now, being able to initiate a 'cc lock' ,if you will, is way too much. The champion's charge, combined with the root, is a little much. A lot of times right after there is a stun which will start off a fight with a dps player down to 1k health against a survivable tank class. I suggest removing the root charge and maybe changing it to a snare.

Clerics - I don't see a lot of issues besides feeling the short end on main heals. I see a lot of clerics put out a good amount of dps if their build is good. I think in this 5 man grouping rift system a clerics main heals should be able to put out a lot more. as for their armor I feel it should be nerfed a tad bit and start putting spell power for heals on cleric shields. This would discern the fact between healers and cleric dps'ers.

Rogues - When people think of a rogue, they think of a ranger, or an assassin. I feel as though the assassin is in a very good position right now where damage lies, and once people get more valor gear their dps will even out. The one thing I think that assassins have Overpowered a bit is the slip away ability on a 2m cooldown. This allows the rogue to exit combat, and restealth, which leads to a chance to be re-stunlocked or extremely damaged as their stealth ability's are their strongest. To the ranged version of rogues, their damage output is way too low plain and simple. In a lot of matchups the ability to kite is skewed because of the cc's of other classes, and the damage is garbage. So I hope ranged rogues are the next buff coming up.

Mages - Mages needed a damage buff thats for sure, but I think it went a little overboard. The mage class I feel lacks in the ability to cc. The few cc's i have seen from a mage is a bind (anti weapon usage) and a fear and its few and far between. A mages survivability relys on the ability to damage and keep away from an opponent. I feel like a teleport like for riftstalker to port away to a given point would be huge for a pvp soul for mages. Their damage is a little high which allows them to outshine healers as a chloro. Their aoe is good and that is where their dps should lie in big groups.

I don't blame people for playing their classes to their full potential, I blame the game for balance issues. I am not hating on anyone, so feel free to post your opinions back.