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Thread: PVP-gear vs. Raid-gear / Instance-gear

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    Default PVP-gear vs. Raid-gear / Instance-gear

    Not all of us can raid or have the time for it. But still enjoy a good run in WF's.
    So id like to ask...is the PVP-gear you can buy for favor and also the Planarite-stuff equal to Raidgear / Instance gear ?
    Or will I eventually see myself hoplessly killed when I get closer to 50 mainly because I cant get good enough gear.
    In other games the PVP-sets were better in PVP compared to PVE-gear. How is it here?
    I havent seen any Resiliance or Toughness ( Wow / EQ2 )

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    pvp gear has valor (equivalent to resilience from WoW i think), and higher endurance (stamina) than most pve gear.

    however pve gear puts out greater damage in general, and if you wanted to use pvp gear for instances, it lacks hit/focus so you would probably need some gear swaps(there are some crafted rings and necklaces that could get you close to the caps, and quite a few weapons with hit/focus as well)

    [edit] oh, my bad, you werent 50 yet. valor only appears at 50, but the pre-50 gear for favor and planarite is usually slightly worse than the dungeon gear, generally because dungeon gear will be level 38(for example) while planar/pvp gear is 35, but still very good. the lvl 45 planarite shoulders from stillmoor are very good, i wasnt able to replace them till i bought a t1 peice.
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