So I've seen through beta some changes made to individual soul combinations so a player couldn't 80-100% snare someone. But I've been noticing a trend more annoying than pyro+GoS in WFs and open world PvP lately. It seems certain AoE snare effects from different callings stack additively reaching a near root combined with 4 people dropping AoE damaging effects in the area = mass death without blowing 50% of my mana to keep people alive.

Is this intended, really? This reminds me so much of warhammer, so we can substitute an aoe 2s stun + pyro GoS aoe stun + lolaoerootfromsnares to get the same effect.

1. Get cleric. Have him go cab.
2. Do 5-man pull into cab followed by dark passage, then asias+SoR obliterate then SoW + tyranny spam while 2 people drop aoe snares/damaging abilities on them. (cleric can also SoB them for one of those hits followed by abusing DR/immunities)
3. Those 5 people die.
4. Rinse and repeat when cooldowns are back up, or just do the same thing at range.

Remember magus and engi pull groups that would use BW rank 2 morale stun to do this? Awesome, warhammer 2.0 GO!