I'm putting together a spreadsheet of all possible raid buffs/debuffs from each class.
yes, I know I'm a nerd.

Below is the start of that chart:
https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key y=CPPbkJAH

The goal is to list each tree and the buffs/debuffs they can bring to the raid. I'm going to sort them by type and indicate whether they are up 100% of the time or if they are temp buffs/debuffs. Also I am working on testing each of these buffs and see where they overlap and bump each other off.
This is raid buffs ONLY.

IF you would like to help, Please post the name of the ability, the soul tree it is under, the effect, uptime/Cooldown, and range if it is a group buff.

Volcanic Bomb: Mage/archon, 5% more dmg, 10 sec up/ 15sec CD, all allies within 35 yards from caste

Lot of work here and I don't expect to have it done anytime soon, but i would like to start gathering these facts if anyone is willing to help me out. Just reply to this thread and I'll add them into the chart. Also Interested in any testing on what stacks with what.