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    Cool Tanks tanks tanks

    Hello everyone

    My main objective with this post is to know a general opinion about tanking in rift because i cant really decide wich one to take.

    Rogues warriors or clerics, each one has things that i like and things that i dont. I find the most fun to tank with a rogue, to dps with a warrior (i like big swords and that stuff) and i enjoy healing also therefore the cleric.

    Looking at my preferences a cleric would be ideal as i can do the three roles, but how stable is it? Do justicars take to much burst damage and do they have to use their self heals alot? The dps i know its good if you do things right

    Warriors should be the main choice many tanks from previously games choose right away, i chose the rogue because i wanted to try the riftstalker. But people complain about warrior taking to much spike damage and the rogue being more stable, after the buffs ofc. Do warriors really have problems like this alot?

    And now the rogue. I dont see many people taking the rogue tank seriously, i dont know why, maybe its the end game tanking because so far when i tank with riftstalker things only go south if the group isnt that good, im no pro but common sense plays a big part in every action you take

    What im asking is if someone who actualy has this classes at lvl50 and tanks experts with them, and raids if possible also, to say what they thing about it, and elaborate a bit please dont just say "where fine" "its all good"

    Tell me what you do to "survive" with your class so to speak. Can all of them be a main tank? Etc etc
    Ive seen alot of videos on youtube but people focus on strats and not how it feels to tank with that class so help me out here

    Thanks for your time , and sry if i made some grammar errors

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    Riftstalker is difficult to play, especially because you can't macro the hell out of everything and somewhat weak AOE capabilities. Generally people will party once with a Riftstalker and that Riftstalker probably sucks (a lot of them do), and they get a bad impression of the class. Riftstalkers are indeed squishy at the very start of a fight but once their buffs are up they're arguably the strongest for pure damage mitigation. Trash pulls can be more problematic than a lot of boss fights, but as long as you're not running with a bunch of morons who can't follow simple instructions it's manageable.

    Make use of your cooldowns, especially on trash. Make sure you get a second soul with ranged pulls (Bard or Ranger, I prefer the latter) so that you can get early combo points up for GS / Rift Guard. Also remember to plane shift to start whether or not you need to so you've got Rift Barrier until you're able to get Rift Guard up. Refresh Rift Guard as often as possible because it only absorbs up to a certain percentage of your health, so the timer is unreliable and there's no way to really tell how much absorption you have left.

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    Yeah, I rolled a RS and in IT I was doing great. The only time it looked like I was going to keel over was when the guarded steel buff dropped, but I had invested the points for the change off there. RS is definitely not an idiot's tank. It requires quite a bit of patience from both the party and the player using the soul. Once the rotation is set, you'll have more room for error than not.

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    Warriors can certainly offer the more familiar feel of tanking (at least when it comes to former WoW players). Most of their mechanics revolve around physical mitigation primarily through blocks and lesser so through parry and dodge. We probably end up taking more damage overall than a rouge tank when they're fully buffed up, but we, usually, don't struggle at the opening of the fight since most of our stuff is already active before we pull. There is a lot less to manage (unless you opt for a build that requires balancing a lot of temporary buffs) and a good amount of stuff can be macro'd together for even more ease.

    In a good player's hands any of the three tanking classes can easily main tank any of the content out there and in the end what class that is comes down to personal preference and playstyle. For me it ended up being the Warrior class (though the rouge one still interests me)

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    easiest tank for me to heal at 50 has been well played justicars.

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