Nearly everyone on the forums say that attack power scale very poorly for melee and archer. Why not changing the mechanic on attack power, and change some of the mechanic on spell power scaling to avoid those pyro killing in 3 sec. (happened to me a lot on those high spellpower pyro)

Futhermore, in many game, we can achieve some decent elemental/magic resist, if we focus all item on the same resist, here in rift, magic resist are almost inexistant.

While melee and archer often meet 20% to 50% damage mitigation, caster keep 95% of their damage, no matter the target.
Please put magic resist on every item, the amount depending of the rarity of the item. Actually, it is impossible to build a decent protection against ONE of the six element, even if we get all planar essence AND buff, to be focused on ONE element. (ex: fire)