Stop telling everyone everything is fine coupled with your l2p posts, your unbacked stories of epic battles with the hordes of Leonidas'es 300 and your Grand posts of supremacy of the mastery of the damage parser despite.....not actually posting a parse or not parsing Real Combat damage!

Trion is not a damsel in distress that needs rescuing from the burning tower or fire breathing dragon, although the pyro could well be that fire breathing dragon that Trion set upon the rest of us and posting OMG TRION Your AMAZING! in threads to combat the ones of us who are trying to push for balance does nothing but set neccessary changes back.

Honestly, they ain't gonna offer you a job for being there number 1 fan of a gazillion number 1 fans, all you are doing is making yourself look stupid.

Now, if we could resume frank and meaningful discussions about balance please?