I think it would be greatly appreciated if we could hear from Trion what their plans are for PVP, specifically pvp balance and warfront combat mechanics. This may prevent half of the redundant posts in here complaining about certain classes and why we feel they are out of whack.

My biggest concern is with healing in the warfronts, the survivabilty of the mage classes along with the extremely high burst damage and endless mana. In my opinion there is way too much healing being done non stop and the healing is surpassing the damage being done. This results in long drawn out snoozefests which usually result in one side being so dam strong they camp rez points with no fear of death.

This was probably not an issue pre 1.1 because a few classes were able to handle them to a certain extent. Due to the nerfs to classes in 1.1 there is nobody left to keep these classes in check and they are able to roam the warfronts freely and when combined these classes make it a monumental effort to push forward or take a flag.

Could we please get an official response from Trion to at least tell us you are looking into it or if this is your planned vision on how the warfronts are supposed to be done. Do you care? The way the pvp is being played out now, there is no reason to have certain classes in the warfront, when you can play one of two and just totally dominate. People are getting frustrated because they put so much time/effort in their character they can either quit/ reroll or suck it up and continued to get rolled.