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Thread: Triple-wield hotfixed day after widespread posts

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    Default Triple-wield hotfixed day after widespread posts

    It's been around since beta but finally fixed after widespread forum posting. Thanks to those who submitted this.

    Hotfix #13: [NA] 8:00am PDT 4/5/11 - [EU] 3:00am BST 5/04/11

    Hotfix #13: 2:00am BST 5/3/11


    * Fixed a bug that was allowing some creative people to equip one more weapon than they had hands for. This was not an intentional advantage of being an Ascended.

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    Here come the "I can't wield a 2H and a Totem at the same time therefore I'm quitting" threads.

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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