Okay I have played every class as of late and my latest was the Cleric, I am not not much one to complain about how a class is or how to fix them but Cleric is absolutely ridiculous. When neither my warrior, mage or rogue can survive a 7 mob pile up my cleric will have little issue walking out of the battle with no issue at all. Preparation is broken, it heals the Cleric for the damage made when it clearly states "Does not effect the cleric or any one else with preparation casted on them." Plus I would recommend putting a proc rating on it say 40% of the time it heals because currently it can stay on par with a pure healer. That is a bit broken in my own opinion. Next is there ability to take damage, neither my rogue or tank can take as many hits as my cleric Mage is soft like he should be, I can understand being tougher than leather, but plate? And they have a higher parry and block rating than a tank spec using inquisitor soul. OMGWTFBBQ. In other words PvP is too easy with a cleric PvE is too easy with a cleric, they can even out DpS a rogue. Something needs to be done about the cleric sure give them a DpS soul give them a Tank soul, but they are a bit over done. Some things need to be lowered on a massive scale. 50% Less damage? Try more like 10% All these less mana consumption for all their spells, need to change the heal not to affect the cleric and only other sources unless it specifically says to heal the cleric.

Rogues not enough crit ability imo, my rogue hits fast as he should with dual daggers but the damage output as far as physical crit is weak, it should hit more often especially from behind. And as far as everyone crying rogues should be on par as far as DpS over time along side with mage, mages are burst damage, and rogue are supposed to be rock steady. But when it is all said and done they should be in the same bracket in long term DpS.

Warrior... where do I begin. Sheesh, my cleric can take them, my rogue can take them, my mage can take them, they block very rarely, and the damage they take for wearing plate is unreal sometimes I think my warrior with a shield takes much more damage then my rogue in leather, and most definitely my cleric. I would rather tank with my cleric or rogue than my warrior, it is pretty sad. Their damage is fine I would not touch it. Just for Heaven's sake make them tougher.

Mages... Yes i know they are all happy but when a spell hits you for 5k+ damage one hit and you have only 3k health, it is a bit over kill. They are soft like tissue paper like hey should be, but their crit rate is a bit outrageous. Needs to be lowered few notches, otherwise no other complaints.