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Thread: leveling a healing cleric...

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    Default leveling a healing cleric...

    was curious for leveling a healer and im 24 atm im currently mainly into the puri tree with some in warden but it seems like people always say eww puri when im in groups and was curious of why and any tips/specs you guys recommend me trying.

    thanks for your time and any tips!

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    I stayed Sent until around 33 or so before going Puri.

    I've never had any complaints in dungeons. That being said, I've not done any since the nerf. Try Sent if you're not enjoying Purifier. If you are, disregard haters and prove them wrong...unless, y'know...you're ineffective. In that case consider a re-spec. Being a wilful bad is never a good thing.
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    Anyone who says ewww puri in a group, is a ******bag and has no idea how the class plays. Purifer is a bloody solid heal spec - and one of the most powerful heal specs is 34/32 puri/sent. I use it as an endgame heal spec and it rocks the cazbah. Imo the 51 pt heal specs are freakin' useless. You give up too much for a rather average ability.
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