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Thread: Call for papers: tank build DPS

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    Default Call for papers: tank build DPS

    First let me say that yes, I play a Riftstalker. Next, let me say that no, I do not think we are underpowered or non-viable. The tank classes are fairly balanced and I don't really want to debate that without getting more information, which is what this is about.

    If you are a tank or run with a tank whose stats you can verify I'd like to see some numbers and details in the format I'll post my own in shortly. I have heard from guildies and in passing about the relative DPS of Warrior tanks whose stats and gear I have no knowledge of. I have never run with a Justicar tanking. I'm not much familiar with the specific skills and mechanics of the other callings' tanking souls.

    Remember when posting below that you should have only self-buffs available to your build active. I'm going to have to take you at your word here, and this is honestly just preliminary data-gathering. Please spare the e-peen and grandstanding.

    So, then, if you would:

    Build: 51 Riftstalker / 8 Bladedancer / 7 Ranger
    Attack Power: 382
    Physical Crit %: 12.66%
    Hit rating: 152
    Weapon specs: T2 blue dagger, 25.8 DPS
    Highest level successfully tanked: T2
    Verified DPS: 103 (boss dummy), 95 (Smouldaron, CC exp), 101 (Majolic, AP exp)

    Thanks in advance.
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