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Thread: magical classes will own at endgame

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    Default magical classes will own at endgame

    And btw im not surprised at all that this is happening, because its a poor game design problem, when in beta i created a thread where i asked why there is no gear based elemental dmg reduction like armor for physical classes, all i received is l2p responses lol.
    Its obvious that if there is no elemental reduction through gear in the game but elemental dmg rise with every gear upgrade, then something will be wrong in endgame.
    Physical classes have to meet 20-60% physical dmg reduction by armor alone, then there is parry evasion block which is another 10-30% dmg reduction gl killing someone.
    And vs magic you can only get like 10% resist to 1/6 elements through essenses, nothing more.
    It's not over tho, mages dont have the best gear possible yet, it would be worse.
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